Coming from the first olive grove planted in Casablanca Valley

Synergies are generated both in the productive and commercial fields between wine and olive oil, allowing at the same time to maximize the opportunities to introduce the World the best quality products from Casablanca Valley in the context of an increasingly high standards global demand.

About Us

Izaro Premium Blend is the result of the production of the first olive grove planted in Casablanca Valley.

Located specifically in Lo Ovalle area, the olive grove consists of 60 hectares of different varieties planted in the fall of 2007 under the semi-intensive scheme, both on flat and sloping soils. The olive plantation project was born as a way to complement the production of wine grapes from the estate.

Izaro, a 100% extra virgin olive oil, comes from the first press of the olives in the mill and is obtained only by physical methods. In the production process and, unlike other lower quality oils, no chemical solvents are used, which ensures the quality of our product.

The acidity of our oil is characterized by staying at a level below 0.2%, which guarantees that the olives arrive in optimal conditions to the process, without suffering any damage that could alter the quality of the final blend. This is partly due to the closeness between our farm and the mill where the pressing occurs, which favors an expeditious process in which the fruit is appropriately ground for the subsequent obtaining of the oil.

Our Olive Oil

Izaro Premium Blend olive oil was born from the harmonious combination of the Frantoio, Arbequina, Arbosana, Coratina and Leccino varieties, where each variety contributes through its intrinsic characteristics, complexity and unmatched sophistication to the final blend. 

One of the valleys that combines optimal conditions for its elaboration is the Casablanca Valley, where the maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean produces a morning fog that acts as a temperature moderator. In this way, the olives go through a gradual maturation process where the development of different aromatic notes is favored, all of which contribute to giving rise to a sophisticated and harmonious olive oil with the unique stamp of the Casablanca Valley.

Casablanca Valley

Chile is a country that has ideal climatic and geographical conditions for the production of extra virgin olive oil.

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