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Casablanca Valley

Chile has ideal climatic and geographical conditions for producing extra virgin olive oil. The Casablanca Valley is one of the valleys with an optimum combination of conditions for its preparation.

The main geographical feature of this valley is the maritime influence entering from the Pacific Ocean, which produces a morning mist that acts as a temperature moderator. This characteristic favours the best possible development of olive trees and vineyards, which demand special care in order to achieve the desired level of ripeness.

The Casablanca Valley allows gradual ripening, with cool night-time temperature levels that offer perfect conditions for producing unique aromas and allow the fruit to ripen slowly and completely.

Agrícola Ízaro

Ízaro is the result of the output from the first olive orchard to be planted in the Casablanca Valley, and specifically in the sector of Lo Ovalle. 60 hectares of different varieties were planted here in the autumn of 2007, using the semi-intensive scheme designed for semi-mechanised harvesting. The slopes of the land were respected in choosing the planting direction, so allowing water to run off in winter and machinery to circulate freely.

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